Application Deadline

Announcements for the application deadline will be communicated through the student's Lander email address.


Transfer Coursework Policy

Beginning Fall 2017, students may not take coursework at another institution during their term of graduation. All coursework from other institutions must be received and posted prior to the semester of your graduation from Lander University.


Procedures and Requirements

A candidate for a degree must file a Request for Graduation form with the Registrar's Office and complete the online graduation application in Bearcat Web by the date published in the current catalog. An application for a degree is not accepted unless the student has paid all fees required by the university, including the graduation fee. Candidates for graduation must complete all institution coursework in the anticipated term of graduation and by the semester deadline date for final grades in order to receive their diploma/degree. Graduating students with physical disabilities are expected to communicate with the Registrar's Office regarding accommodations needed for their participation in the commencement ceremony upon submission of their application. If a student's graduation plans change, academically or personally, the student must reapply for graduation during the next anticipated term of graduation and pay the graduation fee. Students who apply to graduate in August and who complete all requirements receive their diploma in August and are automatically included in the following December ceremony.


The time frame for students to apply for graduation in the fall, spring, or summer semesters is the first day after drop/add through the fourth week of classes. Announcements will be sent out to students through their Lander email addresses.


Verification of Graduation Information

One month after the semester graduation deadline, candidates will receive an email to verify their diploma name, degree, major, minor, preliminary honors, and hometown (publication purposes). Any changes must be submitted to the Registrar's Office.


Graduation Gala

Every fall and spring semester a graduation gala is held for that semester's candidates. Information will be sent from the Bearcat Shop and Herff Jones and the date will be posted on Lander's calendar. Attendance is strongly encouraged. Students will order their cap and gown, verify their degree information is correct, receive a packet of information about the ceremony,  have the ability to order announcements,  be able to have a picture made with a cap and gown on, and will verify alumni information.


Academic Honors

The following academic honors will be mentioned during the commencement ceremony: Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Cum Laude, Golden L, and Honors College.


Announcement of Graduates

Within a month of the ceremony, a preliminary listing will be posted on the Registrar's Office graduation web page.

Within one month after the ceremony, a final graduate list will be available on the Registrar's Office graduation web page. Newspaper announcements will be posted in the Greenwood and hometown paper.


Participation in Commencement Ceremony

Student participation is allowed if:

  • The student has submitted a complete Request for Graduation form with a Degree Evaluation attached, has completed the online portion of the application, and has paid the fee.
  • The student has completed the Fine Arts and Lectureship (FALS) requirement by the deadline set by the Registrar’s Office.
  • The student has completed all degree requirements during the semester of graduation. (August graduates may participate in the December commencement ceremony.)

An official or unofficial withdrawal of all classes during the graduation semester or an “Incomplete” grade on a student’s record will disqualify participation in graduation. Any other conditions which disqualify a student from participation in the commencement ceremony may be appealed.


Tickets for Commencement Ceremony Attendance

Tickets will be required for every person to attend the commencement ceremony. The number of tickets will be announced during the Graduation Gala held on campus.

Graduation candidates will be able to pick up and sign for their tickets during the last week of classes with a picture ID in the Registrar’s Office from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Students are requested to only pick up the number of tickets needed. Remaining tickets will be disbursed during the week of exams on a first-come, first-served basis in the Registrar's Office.


Commencement Jazz Brunch – Tickets on Sale Now!

Graduates and their families are invited to join University administration, faculty and staff for the Commencement Jazz Brunch – featuring live jazz music and a delicious menu of entrees, sides and desserts – immediately following the commencement ceremony. Tickets for the brunch are $15/adult and $7/child, and can be purchased through the Bearcat Shop online or in-store.


Commencement Ceremony Specifics

Commencement Details (PDF)



Diplomas will be available for pickup immediately after the ceremony in the PEES auxiliary gym. Diplomas not picked up will be mailed and the mailing date will be specified in information received at the graduation gala. The mailing address for the diploma will be the address specified by the student during the online portion of the graduation application.