What does The Center for Online and Innovative Learning (COIL) do?

  • COIL provides an Online Teacher Certification Program that is required of all instructors who teach online courses and maintains an Online Education Handbook that contains all the policies, procedures, and guidelines that govern online learning at our university.  Instructional personnel can find more information about the Online Teacher Certification Program and the Online Learning Handbook in the MyLander portal.
  • COIL hosts Blackboard Training Sessions on the third Monday and Tuesday of each month. The complete schedule of training sessions, including topics and videos of past sessions, is available on this website.
  • COIL also hosts the Lander University EdTech Podcast, which is designed to provide updates about COIL activity and foster campus-wide conversation about all topics related to online and innovative learning. The podcast is available in both Apple Podcasts and Google Play.
  • COIL provides the SmarterMeasure Online Learning Readiness Indicator for all Lander University students who wish to register for online classes. SmarterMeasure assesses seven factors that have a major impact on student success in online learning and provides students with an array of tools they can use to remedy potential barriers to their future success.



Lander University podcasts are available for free download on both the Apple App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android devices.


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