Master of Business Administration

The MBA is designed to meet student and industry demands.  The Lander program provides managerial and strategic insights across various business functions to prepare graduates to lead organizations and drive results.


Master of Science in Emergency Management

Lander's Emergency Management program will train you in the science of management, and prepare you for when disaster strikes.


Master of Science in Nursing, Clinical Nurse Leadership

Lander has been a trusted leader in nursing education for more than 50 years. Our Master of Science in Nursing program equips today's nurses to meet the growing need for skilled and experienced healthcare professionals.


Master of Education in Teaching & Learning

Lander's M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning program offers concentrations in Instructional Technology, Diverse Learners, and Montessori Education.


Master of Science in Management

Lander's M.S.M. program provides a solid foundation in all aspects of Quality Management including process management, supply chain management, quality policy, quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement.


Graduate Certificate Programs

All Hazard Emergency Management

This graduate certificate is designed to give individuals the knowledge and expertise they need to function as successful leaders in emergency situations arising in their professional roles.