A Unique Program Offered Online

All courses in Lander’s M.S. in Emergency Management program are specifically designed for this degree, and all are taught online by faculty with expertise and experience in academics, leadership, and emergency management. Some instructors are full-time faculty at Lander; others are from outside universities and organizations. Some are emergency managers or emergency responders. Development of the program’s curriculum was a joint effort with prospective government, non-profit and business employers, and governmental agencies, such as FEMA and the National Guard. 

  • Designed to fit your schedule, with a reasonable expectation of completion in two years.
  • Up to 9 credit hours of graduate course work may be transferable from another institution on a case-by-case basis.
  • Every applicant will be assisted with the application process.
  • Practical research projects for your employer or an approved organization, embedded in most courses, create a portfolio of work that demonstrates your proficiency in the field.
  • Some classes have students complete FEMA-related training as a way of applying academic knowledge and possibly gaining additional certifications

The curriculum consists of 6 core courses, 4 elective courses, and 1 required capstone course for a total of 31 credit hours. 



Note: The information below provides convenient links to some of the courses required for this degree; however, it should not be used as a course registration guide. Please refer to the official Lander University Academic Catalog for the most accurate and up-to-date program requirements.

EMGT 500 Foundations in Emergency Management 3
EMGT 510 Preparedness and Mitigation 3
EMGT 520 Response and Recovery 3
EMGT 530 Continuity of Government 3
EMGT 630 Business and Economic Continuity 3
EMGT 635 Mental Health and Emergency Management 3
EMGT 695* Capstone Course 1

*Required Capstone Course


Choose any 4:  
EMGT 610 Technology for Emergency Management 3
EMGT 620 Communications Strategies for Emergency Management 3
EMGT 625 Leadership for Emergency Management 3
EMGT 640 Emergency Management Law 3
EMGT 670 Hurricane and Weather 3
EMGT 675 Nuclear Incident Management 3
EMGT 685 Special Topics in Emergency Management 3
  • Courses are planned so that students can finish in 6 terms (two years), taking 2 courses per term (including summer)
  • Except for the introductory course and capstone, there is no required sequencing of courses
  • All courses were designed specifically for this degree