student creating sculptureLander University is accredited by the National Association of Schools in Art and Design (NASAD). This rigorous studio-based program is designed to engender contemporary art practice by challenging students with new and innovative approaches to materials and techniques while fostering growth within their chosen area of specialization.  Students gain in-depth knowledge and professional competence in one or more disciplines through creative endeavor, inquiry, and investigation. 

Students can pursue an MFA in 2D Visual Art or MFA in 3D Visual Art.  Each program of study will provide:

  • Opportunity to create studio art or design work that shows specific intent, content, methodology, and product
  • In-depth professional competence in one or more discipline of studio art and design
  • Opportunity to investigate the relationship between materiality, technique and conceptual content. 
  • Opportunity for research and scholarship in the areas of art and design history, theory, criticism, and pedagogy
  • Opportunity to contextualize art and design research on a larger social, cultural, educational, economic and technological scale
  • Opportunity to contribute to the body of knowledge and practice in art and design.
  • Opportunity to enlarge breadth of competence between areas of art and design specialization
  • Opportunity to teach undergraduate majors and non-majors at the university level


2D or 3D Visual Art Concentration

MFA students may pursue a concentration in 2D or 3D Visual Art.  This major is designed to meet the needs of studio artists who are interested in or pursuing a professional studio practice in either 2-dimensional image making or 3-dimensional object making and/or teaching at the college level.  Students have the opportunity to work with a broad range of media and in a variety of disciplines, which can be either traditional or experimental. 

  • 2D Visual Art:  Students will be encouraged to consider 2D image making a mindset more than media specific. Traditional disciplines include drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, or experimental and/or mixed media. Experimentation will be highly encouraged. 
  • 3D Visual Art:  Students will be encouraged to consider 3D object making a mindset more than media specific. Traditional disciplines include sculpture or ceramics, or experimental and/or mixed media. Experimentation will be highly encouraged. 
  • Intermedia Studies:  Alongside their chosen area of specialization, students will take intermedia courses where they will focus on the relationship between materials. These courses will require that students deliberately integrate different media to creating innovative ways to work with various media resulting in new unique work.


Teaching Experience

MFA Candidates will have the opportunity to gain teaching experience as part of their graduate studies, both in a team-teaching model and as Teacher of Record.  This will include teaching majors and non-major undergraduate students in the areas of studio foundations and art history.