Lander University’s Online Dual Enrollment courses allow high school students to earn college credit for a fraction of the cost of tuition, with a flexible, convenient online format that is available to students wherever they live in South Carolina!

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Lander’s Online Dual Enrollment Courses Are:

  • coil graphicTransferable to colleges throughout S.C.*
  • Taught by Lander’s own experienced professors
  • Delivered in the Blackboard Course Management System, with a full suite of training resources for students
  • Backed by the same student support services available to Lander’s on-campus students
  • Designed to accelerate a student’s path to a chosen major upon acceptance to college

*Some exceptions may apply. Contact Lander Admissions with questions about course transferability.


Program Requirements:

Open to high school juniors and seniors with:

  • 3.5 GPA and 900 SAT/17 ACT
  • High school principal/guidance counselor recommendation


Lander University Dual Enrollment Courses:

ART 101: A study of the basic visual vocabulary of art: line, tone, color, shape, and texture. A study of the development of artists in various periods and cultures, from prehistoric to contemporary times. (General Education–Humanities & Fine Arts; 3 Credit Hours)

ENGLISH 101: Students write for a variety of situations, audiences and purposes, with an emphasis on the relationship between writing and thinking. (General Education–Core Academic Skills; 3 Credit Hours)

MUSIC 101: An introductory course in listening, with accompanying discussion of the historical and cultural aspects of the art of music. This course is intended for non-music majors. (General Education–Humanities & Fine Arts; 3 Credit Hours)

PSYCH 101: An introduction to the fundamental laws, facts, problems and fields of psychology, and its relation and important applications to other fields. (General Education–Behavioral Science, Behavioral & Social Perspectives; 3 Credit Hours)

HIST 112: A general survey of U.S. history from 1877 to the present. (General Education–History, Behavioral & Social Perspectives; 3 Credit Hours)


Frequently Asked Questions

When will classes meet?

Online dual enrollment classes at Lander University will never meet in person, and they are all designed to be taught asynchronously. This means that students do not need to log in at specific times. Asynchronous classes like these are highly dependent on detailed syllabi that explain when students need to complete each task or assignment. This model gives students maximal flexibility as to when they complete their work, but students must follow he syllabus carefully and manage their time wisely.

What kind of computer equipment do I need?

Some online classes require special equipment, but most just require a reliable Internet connection and a reasonably up-to-date computer. If a class requires special equipment, this will be explained in the course description. This document provides Lander’s general recommendations regarding computer equipment.

How are the classes taught?

All our online classes are taught in Blackboard Learn, our online learning platform. If you have never worked with an online learning platform, do not worry—we will provide an orientation on how to use the system. Once you’re in the system, your professors will use a variety of methods to deliver course content. Delivery methods will vary by course, but they will include a combination of reading assignments, online lectures, videos, assignments, and projects.