Microsoft DreamSpark

The Math and Computer Information Systems department of Lander University is a member of the Microsoft DreamSpark Premium for Academic Institutions program, previously called Microsoft Developer's Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA). This program is designed to give students and faculty in the technology field access to the latest operating systems, development tools, and libraries. Microsoft's motives for such a program are clear in that they promote the use of their products, while providing faculty, staff, and students with tools that they might not get to work with otherwise. The program works on a yearly subscription basis that is paid for by the department. This means there are no costs for the end user.


What does this mean to me?

As a student or faculty member of the Math/CIS department you are eligible to install a number of Microsoft Products for free. A full list of all products will be available on DreamSpark, but some of the products that will be available include latest and older versions of:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Visual Studio 
  • MS Visio 
  • MS Project
  • MS SQL Server
  • Etc.

The program includes most development tools and environments except MS Office core applications (MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint). It is important to keep in mind that this software is being provided for academic use in the technology field. This means that they will not provide the Office Suite as well as any other products that they feel do not fit with the goals of the Alliance. This also means that these products are for your personal use. Please do not make additional copies of the product for use by others.


How does the program work?

As a member of the Math/CIS department you will receive an e-mail with registration information. You will use the username, password and link in the e-mail to access the DreamSpark Website. If you didn’t receive an e-mail on DreamSpark program, please ask the program administrator (currently Dr. Gilliean Lee). After you log on, you can find products of your interest and add them to shopping cart. Note: You may have to use Internet Explorer to download the packages. If the package you selected is available for download, follow the onscreen instructions to download the image file which should be burned to a DVD for installation. You can access most of the products in DVDs directly from the program administrator, if you do not want to download them. DVDs can be checked out for a short period of time on the 3rd floor in Laura Lander Hall.


Questions, Comments, Suggestions

For any questions, comments and/or suggestions please contact the program administrator, Dr. Gilliean Lee. Do not contact ITS about this program. They do not support this program; the Math/CIS department does.

Phone: 864-388-8014
Office: LL 310