When asked why they want to major in psychology or human services, most students respond, "Because I want to help people."

While psychology and human services are certainly helping professions, in order to help others you must also be grounded in the science of these disciplines. You must be able to approach and gather information, conceptualize problems, understand different populations and their needs, and arrive at reasonable conclusions about what is needed to change problematic behavior.

Our Psychology and Human Services programs at Lander are designed to provide students with these skills and prepare them for rewarding careers in a variety of settings.

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The Human Services program blends applied Psychology and Sociology courses. Students are exposed to key areas for knowledge about abuse and counseling while understanding different populations to enable options for a successful career.

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Based on standards set by the American Psychological Association, our curriculum is designed to give you a solid and complete view of the science of psychology, including its history, methods and research techniques. Working closely with your academic adviser, you'll plan a course of study that also includes a healthy core of liberal arts classes that closely match your specific career goals.

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