You're fascinated by the human mind.

student with computerFor centuries, scientists and researchers have endeavored to unlock the secrets of the psyche, and like them, you want to know more about how the mind develops ... how it affects behavior ... how it shapes personality and emotions.

As a psychology major at Lander, you'll delve into these subjects and more, with a curriculum that provides much more than an arsenal of psychological knowledge. You'll learn to think logically, critically and objectively as you study theories and findings in the areas of human development, emotion, cognition, behavior and psychopathology.


What makes our program unique?

Ours is the same comprehensive curriculum you would find at any large university, but there is a difference. At Lander, you will be a part of a family of psychology majors, all taking essentially the same core courses for four years. This fosters a sense of continuity and cohesion that helps our majors feel supported and encouraged throughout their time with us.

You'll train under a faculty who are committed to challenging, encouraging and inspiring you to reach your potential. They weave years of study, travel and life experiences into their teaching styles, guaranteeing you a practical look at the intriguing field of psychology.

If you are passionate about psychology, we can help you turn that passion into a successful career with a degree from Lander.