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The objective of the Warfare, Military, and Diplomatic Studies program is to provide students an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of both the history and current state of global warfare and diplomacy.

Those who complete the program will master information and skills that are especially desirable for continued graduate study in history, or careers in: the military, the U.S. Department of State or other government offices, the National Park Service/state parks system, public history, civil service, or public administration. Any Lander student may pursue the certificate in Warfare, Military, and Diplomatic Studies; it is not necessary that the student be a history major.

The program consists of 15 semester hours across a variety of disciplines, to include:

Diplomatic History: 6 hours (Select two of the following):

Military History: 6 hours (Select two of the following):

Political Science, Philosophy or Religion: 3 hours (Select one of the following):

*Special topics courses must be approved by an advisor to ensure they will meet the requirements for this certificate.

  • Students must earn at least a "C" in all courses, and must pass a final written comprehensive evaluation, to receive the Warfare, Military, and Diplomatic Studies certificate.