Learning beyond the classroom

student at the coliseum History is more than poking around in dusty archives or memorizing dates and facts. While you might think history majors spend most of their time poring over books in the library, the truth is much of the learning goes on outside the classroom.

As a history major, you might:

  • Participate in field trips to regional attractions.
  • Complete internships for academic credit in area parks, courthouse archives and museums.
  • Join Phi Alpha Theta, Lander's chapter of the history honorary society. The chapter has consistently won national recognition as a best chapter.
  • Broaden your cultural perspective by studying abroad through the university's international program, which features opportunities for study in major historical centers such as Egypt, Germany, England, Italy, Austria and Belgium.


student at capitalLife after Lander

You can't put history graduates in a box. Some decide to teach history at high school and college levels and some decide to go on to do historical preservation and museum work. Still others use their well-rounded undergraduate training to venture out into positions unrelated to the study of history.

Lander's history majors have gone on to successful careers in law, the ministry, public administration, city planning, the armed forces, business and other professions. They are admitted to graduate programs across the nation. They apply their education to public service and citizenship. And, of course, they savor the reading of history as a lifelong activity.

Whether you have your sights set on a career closely tied to the study of history or you want a liberal education that will give you a wide range of options, the history program at Lander will help you develop the skills many employers are looking for. 


Department Awards

Awards are granted annually to outstanding university students from all disciplines during a ceremony each spring.

The following are awards presented by the University's Department of History and Philosophy:

  • Barbara A. Jackson Award
    Named in honor of a former Lander first lady, this award is given annually by the history faculty to the senior history major who wrote the best senior thesis.
  • History Discipline Award
    Given annually by the history faculty to the graduating senior majoring in history with the highest cumulative grade point average.
  • Philosophy Discipline Award
    Given annually by the philosophy faculty to an outstanding student of philosophy based on scholarship and on dedication to the discipline.