To understand the present – and prepare for the future – you must first know the past. At Lander, we’ll take you on a journey through history and philosophy, guiding you through a rich tapestry of cultures, civilizations, movements and ideas.

"Philosophy begins in wonder. And at the end, when philosophic thought has done its best, the wonder remains." - Alfred North Whitehead, Modes of Thought (1938)

history studentsStudying history is as current as reading today's headlines. How did the Middle East or the Balkans become such a hotbed of political unrest? Take a look at the history of the religious groups in conflict there. Why are nationalist sentiments so volatile in the post-Cold War era? Get out your history books and discover how the trouble began. Does the individual character of a leader provide a motivating force for historical change? Consider the significance of past and present personalities in this light.

At Lander, you’ll quickly be drawn into a department that is a small community of teachers and learners. You’ll interact with historians and philosophers who hold doctoral degrees from top universities in the nation. They are researchers, authors, Fulbright scholars, and award winners; however, they view themselves foremost as teachers. They enjoy interactive instruction through small classes, maintain open office hours and mentor students through programs that foster cultural awareness and intellectual development.

At Lander, you can expand your awareness of the history around and within you, while reflecting upon the human condition through time.

"The past is never dead. It's not even past." - William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun (1951)