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It is with deepest regrets that I am announcing the cancellation of the 2020 South Carolina Political Science Association annual meeting at Lander University March 27-28. With a number of universities moving to an online environment and to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, this is the right decision. I apologize to everyone who took the time to plan and prepare for the conference.

The fruits of your works should not be in vain, though. I would encourage all who have prepared and completed their research to consider submitting your work for publication in the Journal of Political Science. While no preference will be given to any paper that was to be presented at SCPSA, JPS does provide an opportunity for your work to be reward through publication.

For those of you who were planning to bring undergraduates from your university, I would implore you to find a means to showcase their work at your institution. It takes courage for an undergraduate to be willing to present their work, and I firmly believe that it should be encouraged and rewarded as they are the future scholars in our discipline.

Finally, as decisions are made and information becomes available for the 2021 conference, that will be disseminated via e-mail. Again, I apologize for the cancellation, but I also thank you all for your willingness to participate in the event.

For more information, contact Matt Malone at 864-388-8359 or


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