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Textbooks and lectures might be the foundation, but experiences outside the classroom truly complete your education. That's a philosophy we take seriously at Lander, and our Experience Your Education program encourages you to explore the diverse opportunities that lie beyond the classroom walls. You could intern with local agencies such as The Museum, United Way, and the Greenwood Literacy Council, or at newspapers, television and radio stations, and educational institutions. You can also get hands-on experience through clinicals, service learning projects or study abroad.


Campus Publications for Writers and Artists

New Voices 

Lander University's student journal, New Voices publishes art, academic essays, personal reflections and creative pieces written by Lander students from all disciplines. The publication is produced each spring semester by a team of student editors who review submissions, choose essays for inclusion and edit final selections. Submissions can be sent to Direct questions to New Voices faculty sponsors: Dr. Misty Jameson and Dr. Andrew Jameson.

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The Forum

The Forum student newspaper covers the news, features, and opinions of the Lander University community. Its rich history spans more than 60 years. The Forum is reported, designed, and edited by Lander students for Lander students, faculty, and staff. Any currently enrolled Lander student is eligible to serve on staff.

Contact faculty advisor Robert Stevenson.


Life after Lander

Mastering a language - whether English or foreign - is an asset in nearly all professional fields. Whatever your career aspirations, the courses you take as an English or Spanish major will help you develop communication skills that will enhance your marketability when you go job hunting.

You might be surprised at the careers that have opened for graduates of Lander's English program. Some are lawyers, professors and bankers. One of our graduates, for example, has edited a trade paper for the textile industry. Another has worked as a marketing representative for a large publishing house. Still others are working in public relations, advertising, printing, social work, broadcasting, journalism and education - and those are just a few examples.

A Spanish degree is a good springboard to graduate study in fields such as literature, law and public relations. And if teaching is your goal, it's encouraging to know that the U.S. Department of Education reports there is a critical need for foreign-languages teachers, with the demand for Spanish teachers being the greatest.


Department Awards

Awards are granted annually to outstanding university students from all disciplines during a ceremony each spring. The following are awards presented by the university's Department of English and Foreign Languages:

  • English Discipline Award
    The English Discipline Award is granted annually for outstanding scholarship exhibited in English courses at Lander University.
  • French Discipline Award
    The French Discipline Award is given annually by the French faculty to an outstanding student of French based on scholarship and on dedication to the discipline.
  • Spanish Discipline Award
    The Spanish Discipline Award is presented annually for outstanding scholarship exhibited in Spanish courses at Lander University.
  • Margaret M. Bryant Award
    The Margaret M. Bryant Award recognizes a senior majoring in a humanities discipline who plans to enroll in graduate school and who will represent Lander University well.
  • Dessie Dean Pitts Humanities Award
    The Dessie Dean Pitts Humanities Award is named in honor of Lander alumna Dessie Dean Pitts and is given annually for exceptional nonfiction writing published in New Voices, Lander's journal of nonfiction.