Learning beyond the classroom

Art ClassStudents in the Lander Art + Design Department are a part of a close-knit group - the “Art Family.”  They study hard and work even harder in their studio classes creating works of art and design that exceed expectations because of the rigorous and exciting experience in art classes.  Being involved and part of a community outside of class is just as important.  The Art + Design Department hosts incredible group activities so that students can get to know each other.   Some of the activities include art documentary movie nights, weekly walking/jogging, and an Art Hike each semester.  In addition, there is a themed Art Party twice each academic year.   These events encourage students to be comfortable with their classmates which make class experiences, including instruction and critique, more meaningful.  Students learn how to be part of an Art Community which is very important post-graduation.

Every summer the Art + Design Department hosts a trip to a destination abroad to visit some of the most famous museums and galleries in the world.  At Lander, students can have an amazing summer travel experience and receive two upper-level art classes (6 hours of credit) that count towards their degree for the cost of the travel only.  This is an experience of a lifetime and an opportunity to take two unique classes.

Art students can choose to live in the Art Village, dorms reserved just for art students. Here, art students live together as roommates and have the unique opportunity to paint the interior of their rooms in any chosen way.

Art students can join the Art Alliance, a student run organization where students can pursue art activities outside the classroom.  Visits to museums and other enjoyable activities are possible with this group.


Life after Lander

An Art + Design Degree is a versatile degree that prepares students many career options.  Creative problem solving and critical thinking are assets in many fields and this gives art graduates opportunities for success in today’s culturally diverse world.


Department Awards

Awards are granted annually to outstanding university students from all disciplines during a ceremony each spring.

The following art award is presented by the university's Department of Visual Art:

  • Art Discipline Award
    Given annually by the visual arts faculty to the most outstanding major in art. The recipient must exhibit high academic achievement, a strong studio practice, and leadership within the Art Department.