1. What is FALS?

Lander University sets forth the Fine Arts and Lectureship Series (FALS) requirement to ensure that all students are exposed to a variety of fine arts/cultural events and lectures in order to enrich and expand their college experience outside the classroom. Events should provide enriching experiences which encourage and enhance a greater awareness of culture, fine arts, diversity, as well as social and civic engagement through musical, dance, theatrical or literary performances; or lecture, cinematic or multi-media presentations.


2. How many FALS credits do I need to graduate?

All undergraduate, degree-seeking students who enrolled at Lander for the first time in fall 2015 and after are required to attend 15 events. Students who are graduating under the 2018/19 catalog and newer receive no credit toward graduation. Students who are graduating under the 2015/2016 catalog through the 2017/18 catalog receive a total of one semester hour of credit toward graduation.

Students who enrolled at Lander prior to fall 2015 are required to attend 2 FALS-approved events for every 15 completed semester hours at Lander in order to earn one semester hour of credit toward graduation. (Students are not required to attend more than 15 FALS events.).

Hours Completed at Lander

105 hours or more 15 FALS
90 to 104.5 hours 12 FALS
75 to 89.5 hours 10 FALS
60 to 74.5 hours 8 FALS
45 to 59.5 hours 6 FALS
30 to 44.5 hours 4 FALS
29 hours or less 2 FALS


3. Where do I find out which events are FALS approved?

All FALS-approved events are designated on the Lander website events calendar. A list of events can also be found on the FALS Events page


4. Are there local off-campus events that I can attend for FALS credits?

In addition to on-campus events, FALS credits can be received at local off-campus venues. The Greenwood Arts Council (Federal Building) and the Greenwood Museum are approved
venues for local off-campus events. Each venue has a form (ask at the desk) that must be completed and submitted for review by the FALS committee. 

Some events at the Greenwood Community Theatre are approved for FALS credit. The FALS Calendar lists the productions which have FALS approval. The Theatre has a form (ask at the desk) that must be completed and submitted for review by the FALS committee. 

Students petitioning for FALS credit at off-campus events must:

  1. Complete and submit the Off-Campus Petition Form for FALS credit
  2. Submit a one-page typewritten paper describing the cultural and/or fine arts attributes of the venue
  3. Submit the form provided by the venue with appropriate signatures and thorough responses to all questions

All forms should be complete (including required signatures) and responses should be thorough in order to be approved.

Submit all forms to the Lander University FALS post office box #6063 or email to FALS Committee. The committee meets once per month (around the 15th) to review the forms. The registrar’s office will notify you if the form is not approved.