Lander University recognizes that the act of being a college student reshapes and deepens the student’s cultural development. The FALS (Fine Arts and Lectureship Series) requirement is set forth in an effort to ensure that each student is exposed to certain out-of-class activities which may provide an opportunity to develop an awareness of life which might not otherwise be attained.

FALS Requirement Temporarily Suspended

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, students in all catalog years including and prior to those admitted in Fall 2021 will have FALS requirements eliminated for graduation.


All Lander students may attend FALS approved venues or events for credit.

Information for Students

Information for Faculty


Event Criteria

The FALS Committee will determine which events will be approved as part of the Fine Arts/Lectureship requirement, based on the following criteria:

Will the event help the student...

  • develop social awareness and a sense of responsibility to self and others?
  • acquire an appreciation and understanding of aesthetic values?
  • develop an appreciation for the historical and literary foundations of the western heritage, especially those related to the origin and development of democratic ideals and institutions?
  • gain knowledge of global cultures and issues, historic and/or contemporary?
  • develop a love for inquiry and learning which will endure throughout life?
  • broaden his/her tastes and expand his/her acceptance of contemporary or novel modes of expression (artistic, intellectual, philosophical) as befits the university experience?


FALS Requirements

All undergraduate, degree-seeking students who enrolled at Lander for the first time in fall 2015 and after are required to attend 15 events. Students who are graduating under the 2018/19 catalog and newer receive no credit toward graduation. Students who are graduating under the 2015/2016 catalog through the 2017/18 catalog receive a total of one semester hour of credit toward graduation.

Students who enrolled at Lander prior to fall 2015 are required to attend 2 FALS-approved events for every 15 completed semester hours at Lander in order to earn one semester hour of credit toward graduation. (Students are not required to attend more than 15 FALS events.).


Hours Completed at Lander

105 hours or more 15 FALS
90 to 104.5 hours 12 FALS
75 to 89.5 hours 10 FALS
60 to 74.5 hours 8 FALS
45 to 59.5 hours 6 FALS
30 to 44.5 hours 4 FALS
29 hours or less 2 FALS
  • Students may attend approved events scheduled on campus and in the city of Greenwood.
  • Students may petition for FALS approval of other off-campus events and exhibits (local museums, art galleries, etc.).
  • Students participating in a one-semester study abroad program will automatically receive 4 FALS events for the first semester. Additional credits for the study abroad semester may be received by petitioning.
  • All FALS events require faculty sponsorship.