Lander University seeks to be transparent regarding materials utilized to train members of the Grievance Pool. Materials utilized to train Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, Decision-makers, and any person who facilitates an informal resolution process will be updated annually and made available to the public on Lander’s website. Members of the Grievance Pool are vetted and trained to ensure they are not biased for or against any party in a specific case, or for or against Complainants and/or Respondents.

The 2020 Grievance Pool training materials are referenced below.

*Please reference ATIXA Proprietary and Copyrighted Information.


Additional Coordinator Training Materials


In addition to the training materials referenced above, the below information represents trainings and/or certifications obtained by pertinent Title IX Team members since 2019.  

Civil Rights Investigator Level I ATIXA February 2020
  • Tracy Clifton
    Title IX Coordinator
  • Kenneth Roach
  • Kenneth Calliham
  • Ebonee Dendy
    Student Affairs
  • Megan McCartney
    Housing & Residence Life
  • Anissa Lawrence
    Academic Success Center
  • Adam Garrett
    Human Resources
  • Demario Watts
    Student Activities
  • Matthew Gilstrap
    Student Affairs
Title IX Coordinator Level 1 ATIXA January 2019
  • Jalysa Green, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students
  • London Thomas, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Employees
  • Erin Nodine, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics


The Title IX Coordinator holds the following certifications from ATIXA: