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The Kauffmann Leadership Institute is the result of the vision of President Richard Cosentino to provide Lander employees with valuable leadership training opportunities.

The purpose of the institute is to identify current strengths and areas of opportunity with the Lander University team through assessments, workshops and one-on-one coaching to enhance individual development and create an environment of increased communication and collaboration for greater internal and external success.

As a result Lander University Faculty and Staff will be better able to:

  • Have more productive and effective working relationships with others
  • Identify barriers and potential roadblocks to building a more effective team environment
  • Balance energy between tasks and people appropriately
  • Utilize the strengths of the team
  • Enrich and strengthen communication and relationship skills to build and sustain valued partnerships between associates, peers, management, and customers
  • Understand the seven patterns of behavior and how each pattern can help or hinder success

The 360-degree feedback assessments, session facilitation and integrated leadership coaching are designed to support Lander University to:

  • Consciously and confidently communicate in a way that influences/generates outcomes while building trust-centered relationships
  • Develop personal effectiveness in producing, reducing and navigating through conflict within the team and the different function areas
  • Consistently apply tools that support agile leadership in confrontation, negotiation and other highly stressful situations as well as daily operations
  • Hold each leader accountable for their parts of the process, in a way that cultivates respect and trust
  • Retain key talent that continue to elevate their performance while growing in their self-leadership
  • Equip leaders with tools that support and reinforce the higher level of ownership, entrepreneurship and accountability
  • Understand behavior and how to identify patterns in others in order to work together more effectively and efficiently