Lander University Printing Services exists to support the educational objectives of the University and to enhance the instructional image by providing quality publications at the quickest turn-around time and lowest cost available.

What We Do

The mission of Printing Services is to provide Lander University with high-quality copying and finishing services quickly and at low cost. Our goal is to save Lander University money while providing the materials needed for a comprehensive and efficient student education. We recognize that there are many projects we are not able to do in-house; these complex/high-quality jobs are out-sourced through a quote/bid process. 

Lander is our only customer. Therefore, we spend our time and resources on the production of Lander’s projects; there are no competing interests. No personal use can be made of any service or equipment provided by Printing Services.

Our annual production is approximately 9,000 jobs in-house averaging 33,000 color and 1.5 million B&W copies.



Types of jobs that we regularly handle:

  • Class Syllabi
  • Tests
  • Handouts
  • Posters
  • Programs
  • Brochures and flyers



We offer a wide range of services at low rates. Services include:

  • High-speed copying in both B&W and color
  • Folding
  • Collating
  • Stapling (we have a stitcher as well for thicker stapling needs)
  • Expert graphic design services
  • Laminating and transparencies
  • Hole-punching for 3-ring binder or other
  • GBC binding
  • Job submission by e-mail as well as in person
  • Consultation




  • We handle the headaches of dealing with vendors and any problems that might arise so that our clients don’t have to.
  • The Printing Services staff has a combined 45 years experience in commercial and institutional printing and copying expertise.
  • Confidentiality: all materials are produced with the utmost confidentiality whether it’s student tests, faculty/staff salary information or any other University business. We do not utilize student workers for this purpose.
  • We conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys and our ratings are consistently excellent! We constantly seek to improve our product and service offerings.
  • We stress a quick turnaround time. Most jobs are while-you-wait.
  • We are rarely late or over-budget due to our wide experience and our attention to detail.


Money-Saving Efforts

  • We can utilize state pricing for machinery and consumables.
  • We collect no sales tax.
  • We make no profit – our goal is to save Lander money.
  • Monies stay in the Lander University budget – they are not lost off-campus.
  • No rush or late charges.
  • No mark-up on sub-contracted or out-sourced jobs.
  • No graphics or typesetting charges.
  • No charges for additions or alterations.
  • Free logo/job storage and retrieval.



  • We are located in the Learning Center in the center of the Lander Campus.
  • We open at 7:30 AM for those needing copies before their first class.
  • We are able and willing to work overtime when needed at no extra charge.
  • We routinely deliver jobs on campus as necessary.