Services, Details, and Prices

Note: We are willing to make personal copies at the same rate as we charge departments. We need the same paperwork and accepted payment is cash or checks.

Copying: Black-on-white

These guidelines apply to handouts, syllabi, tests; for more complex jobs such as brochures, flyers, programs, booklets, posters, etc., please see the instructions for complex projects.

  • Available while-you-wait. The cost is .03/copy. Please note that 2-sided originals count as 2 copies!
  • Best copy quality is by e-submission; any other may involve a loss of detail.
  • We copy on virgin paper only; we cannot re-use previously-copied paper.
  • 20# white or pastel paper is included in pricing with additional papers available at cost.
  • If you provide the paper, the copy cost is the same.
  • All client-provided materials must be appropriate for use in copiers.
  • Copying onto previously-printed materials is OK, with a few exceptions [rubber-based inks or glossy papers].
  • Other options: enlarge/reduce, reverse, booklet-making.
  • Minimum sheet size: 8.5x11
  • Maximum sheet size: 12x18
Copying: Color

These guidelines apply to handouts, syllabi, tests; for more complex jobs such as brochures, flyers, programs, booklets, posters, etc., please see the instructions for complex projects.

  • Color copying is not always available while-you-wait.
  • Submitted files should be saved and sent as PDFs.
  • Prices include 24# bright white paper and other papers are available at cost. We advise the use of white paper as that conveys color the truest.
  • Price is:
    • .10/copy or less depending on quantity for 8.5x11
    • .12/copy or less depending on quantity for 8.5x14
    • .15/copy or less depending on quantity for 11x17 or 12x18

Reproduction by any method other than copier is not done by Lander Printing Services. Such work is out-sourced to those who are equipped to handle it. Examples include letterheads, B/C, envelopes, jobs with very heavy solids or metallic colors, very heavy papers, embossing, die-cutting, perforating, numbering, very long runs, et al. We can recommend printers or you can make use of someone of your own choice. NOT while-you-wait.


We can scan in B&W or color up to size 11x17”. The scanned files will be sent to one of our workstations and from there can be forwarded to your email (if the file is not too large) or saved to disk or thumb drive. This usually can NOT be done while-you-wait. The cost is .01/pg. 


We can laminate items up to 22” wide x any length x up to index-card thickness. Please call ahead to have us warm up the laminator; this takes ½ hour. This is a heat process so any wax-based toner will soften and run. Students: leave your ID with us as collateral until item is paid for. We can take cash or checks. 

This usually cannot be done while-you-wait. The cost is .75/running ft.


We can punch and bind books up to 1.5” thick with GBC binding and it can usually be done while-you-wait. We stock a variety of sizes and colors of combs but you may provide your own. We recommend the use of thicker paper for F & B covers. 

This binding’s advantage is that additional pages can easily be added or subtracted. The cost ranges from $1 upwards depending on book thickness. Other types of binding are available outsourced; please inquire for prices and options.


We can staple up to 60 sheets of 20# bond or about a 1/4” stack of paper. While-you-wait is usually OK. The charge is .03/staple.


We can punch holes in paper in a variety of positions. Usually while-you-wait. We ask that you check that there are no staples or paper clips in the area to be punched as these will damage our machine. Paper only, please: no plastic, wood or metal. The charge is .004/sheet drilled.


We are able to glue stacks of paper together to form pads. These are useful for scratch pads or any paper item that is to be carried around with you for tear-off purposes. NOT while-you-wait as the glue needs time to dry. We recommend pads of no more than ¼ inch or 50 sheets as that is a comfortable thickness. We include chipboard backing in the price. Our price pays for the padding press plus consumables such as brushes, glue, cutting and chipboard backing. Please check items that you bring to us for padding that they don’t include confidential information such as SS #s. The charge is .20/pad of 50 sheets.


All requests for namebadges should be submitted on a standard purchasing requisition to Please note that every badge has the Lander logo and “Lander University” at the bottom; you will have 3 lines for your name, title and department. All information should be submitted in a word document, NOT hand-written. Price: $5.08 ea


Our prices include basic 20/50# paper in white or pastel colors. We have other papers to choose from at cost. We ask that you NOT request paper from us that you will be using in your office copiers. You should order that yourself. We will make an exception for an emergency or for sizes/colors that are impractical for you to order. While-you-wait is OK.


We can cut paper up to 24” long down to any size. Paper only, please: No plastic, wood, metal. Please check that there are no staples or paper clips in the area to be cut. Examples: cut 8.5 x 14 down to 8.5 x 11. Cut paper to fit desktop dispensers. Sticky notes to smaller size. Covers from textbooks so they can be punched for 3-hole binder. While-you-wait is usually OK. The price is .10/cut.


We can fold paper to several configurations. NO staples, paperclips, wrinkled or curled paper. Single sheets only, please: Our machine will not fold sets of materials. The price is $.015/fold.

Flatbed/hand truck – no charge. Please do NOT keep overnight.

Graphic Design Services

We offer advice and expertise on designing your projects. Layout guidelines may vary depending on the individual project. If you are submitting your own ready-to-print project, any major corrections after a proof is provided requires the original designer to make the corrections and resubmit. Some projects will require all original files to be submitted along with PDF files to allow us to make minor corrections such as spacing and margins. Major projects will require a meeting with the designer and printer to go over all specifications in order to meet production deadlines.

Specialty Items

If it can be printed on, we can have it done. Items such as pencils, pens, T-shirts, etc. cannot be produced by LPS but are outsourced to specialty firms. All requests for these items should be accompanied by a Purchase Requisition. NOT while-you-wait.