The Campus Post Office accepts cash only.

United States Postal Service picks up outgoing mail from Lander University once daily. Since this time varies from day to day, please ask us if you have something that must be sent out the same day.

U.S. Mail is delivered to the campus once daily and distributed to student boxes usually by 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. Mail received on Saturday is not distributed until the following Monday. Mail received during holidays will be distributed the next working day.

Inter-Campus Mail should have the name of the person you are sending it to (no nicknames), the box number if you know it, and a return address.

Parcels should be addressed the same as your regular mail, which must include your name and CPO number. A package pick-up notice will be placed in your mailbox if you receive a package too large for your box to accommodate. The notice needs to be signed and accompanied with a valid Lander ID to pick up packages.