Fire and life safety inspections are conducted monthly by the Office of Safety and Compliance. These inspections are conducted not only to ensure compliance with fire and life safety codes, but to ensure a campus free from hazards.

The Office of Safety and Compliance and the Physical Plant maintains life safety systems such as fire alarms and sprinkler systems through a preventive maintenance and inspection program.

Keeping your workplace free from fire hazards is an essential part of this program. The Office of Safety and Compliance asks for your help in maintaining a productive and safe workplace.

These are some common violations of fire code that are found on the Lander campus.

  • The use of multi-plug adaptors is prohibited.
  • Power strips are not allowed to be interconnected ("Piggy-backed or daisy chaining")
  • Storage should be maintained two feet below the ceiling in all areas.
  • Corridors and exits should be free from obstructions.
  • It is recommended that toasters not be placed under combustible shelves.
  • Portable space heaters are strictly prohibited in University buildings.
  • Toaster ovens are not allowed. (The traditional 2 slot toaster is ok, the toaster oven is not.)
  • George Foreman Grills are not allowed.
  • Christmas type lights are not commercially rated and shall not be used.
  • When leaving offices for extended period of time such as class, lunch, meetings, etc., please ensure that doors are closed.
  • Please make sure that exterior doors and doors along corridors are closed.
  • Appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves should be plugged directly into a receptacle.

For more information on fire safety on Lander University Campus contact Rodney Boyter at 864-388-8009 or via email at