Unless otherwise notified, never assume that a fire alarm sounding is a false alarm. Greenwood Fire Department and Lander University regulations require evacuation of a building when the fire alarm sounds. Lander University Police and the City Fire Department personnel will make the decision to allow persons to re-enter the building. To find the emergency exits for your facility, follow the red lighted EXIT signs displayed in all hallways.

Use the following guidelines if a fire alarm sounds:

  • Do not panic. In an orderly manner, walk to the nearest FIRE EXIT and go to the parking lot or back of the building.
  • If you are not on the ground floor, head for the nearest stairwell.
  • Never use an elevator during an emergency.
  • Do not block the driveway or try to leave in your car. The Fire Department will be arriving within minutes and will need a clear path to the building.
  • Gather with employees in your group so it is easier to determine whether anyone is missing.
  • Wait for instructions from University Police, the Fire Department or a member of campus administration about when it is safe to re-enter the building.

Fire codes require that corridor doors always open toward an exit. You can always tell whether you are moving toward an exit by the way the door opens. If you must pull the door, you are going the wrong way.

Never use an elevator. The building could lose its power, and you could be trapped. Always use stairwells instead.