How do I get a key?

Faculty & Staff: To obtain a key here at Lander University, you will need to bring a yellow key card properly filled out to the Key Office located in the Facilities Operations building located near Centennial Hall. This card must contain your name and department along with the building and room number. The card must be signed by your department head or a key will not be issued. The University Locksmith maintains control of all Lander University keys and locks. Each key is coded with a unique number that can be traced through a computer to the person to whom it was issued.

Students: For keys to your rooms/residence halls, you will need to go to the Office of Housing and Residence Life in the Grier Center. If you are a student worker and have been issued a key to a particular office or classroom, you will also need a yellow key card properly filled out.

How do I put in a work order request?
Can I get an extra key made?

The college locksmith is the only person allowed to cut and issue keys for the college buildings. Duplication of keys by an outside locksmith is strictly prohibited. Keys will not be issued without a yellow key card and authorization in writing. Once the request has been processed, the person to whom the keys are issued will be notified so they can be picked up in the Physical Plant office. Keys must be signed for at the Physical Plant office. Please be sure to have your Identification Card with you when picking up your key.

My key is stuck, broken, won't work. What do I do?

Please put in a work order request. We will do our best to fix your problem in a timely fashion.

What are the responsibilities of the Locksmith?

Responsibilities include installing devices in doors, desks, office equipment and other units; repair locking devices and replacing worn parts; make alterations in mechanism; change lock combinations; troubleshoot locks; develop and maintain master keying system layout; complete daily work order requests; and provide on-call services as needed.

I think I have lost my keys. What do I do?

Faculty and Staff: Lost keys must be reported immediately to your supervisor and department head. A Lost Key Form (available from the Key Office in the Physical Plant) must be filled out.

Students: Please report lost keys to the housing office at 864-388-8266. Locks on residence rooms will be changed if necessary and new keys will be issued.