We provide the current outcome plans and report for each unit at Lander.

The Unit Goals and Indicators of Success Reports are collected annually as a university-wide effort to determine to what extent the Pillars for Success, defined by the Lander University Board of Trustees, are being achieved. Units across the university identify expected outcomes, assess the extent to which they achieve these outcomes, and provide evidence of improvement based on analysis of the results.

After the 2016-2017 Unit Outcomes Reports were submitted in May 2017 according to the previous reporting schedule, we implemented modifications of the assessment process designed to improve reporting of unit outcomes, alignment to the updated organizational structure, and coherence to the new institutional mission and strategic plan.  The following improvements have been undertaken:

  • Each unit now submits Unit Outcome Reports on an annual schedule instead of a four-year cycle
  • The Unit Outcome Reports are due in October to coordinate with annual strategic planning and budgeting timelines
  • Realignment of individual unit reporting responsibilities has coincided with institutional academic and administrative reorganization
  • Each unit has identified appropriate linkages between unit goals and the ten pillars of the new strategic plan

The 2017-2018 Unit Outcome Reports submitted in October 2018 are undergoing a newly revised peer review process and will be added to this webpage by July 2019.


Unit Goals Assessment Cycle

Activity Date
Begin preparation for upcoming report May-September
Reports due for all units October 1
Provost and President review December/January
Recommendations to Board of Trustees February/March
Units receive updated budgets and revisions/directives resulting from the review process April/May


Most recent reports submitted by each unit:

Prior to 2018
  1. President's Office** (Institutional Research (DOCX))
  2. Academic Affairs (DOCX)* (Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness)
    1. Academic Success Center (DOC)*
    2. College of Arts and Humanities
      1. English (DOCX)
      2. Mass Communications and Media Studies (DOC)
      3. Music (DOC)
      4. Spanish (DOC)
      5. Visual Art (DOC)
    3. College of Education
      1. Early Childhood Education (DOC)
      2. Elementary Education (DOC)
      3. Exercise Science (DOC)
      4. Montessori Education (M.Ed.) (DOC)
      5. Physical Education (DOCX)
      6. Special Education (DOC)
      7. Teaching and Learning (M.Ed.) (DOC)
    4. College of Science and Mathematics
      1. Biology (DOC)
      2. Chemistry (DOCX)
      3. Computer Information Systems (DOC)
      4. Environmental Science (DOC)
      5. Mathematics (DOC)
    5. College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (effective July 1, 2017)
      1. Criminology (effective Fall 2017)
      2. Emergency Management (M.S.) (DOC)
      3. History (DOC)
      4. Political Science (DOC)
      5. Psychology (DOC)
      6. Sociology (DOC)
    6. Experience Your Education (EYE) Program (DOC)*
    7. General Education (PDF)
      1. Competency A – Knowledge and Comprehension
      2. Competency B – Apply Information
      3. Competency C – Analyze Information
      4. Competency D – Communicate Effectively and Appropriately
    8. Honors Program (DOC)*
    9. Interdisciplinary Studies (DOC)
    10. Library Services (DOC)*
    11. Management, School of
      1. Business Administration (DOC)
      2. Health Care Management Certificate (DOC)
    12. Nursing, School of (PDF)
      1. Response to CCNE On-Site Visit (November 10, 2015) (PDF)
      2. B.S.N. Assessment Plan (PDF)
      3. M.S.N. Assessment Plan (PDF)
    13. Student Support Services PASSport Program (TRiO) (DOC)***
  3. Athletics (DOC)***
  4. Business and Administration
    1. Accounting and Budget (DOC)** (Internal Controls/Audits)
    2. Facilities Operations (DOC)** (Building Maintenance, Custodial Services, Grounds Maintenance, Safety, Special Events/Facilities Scheduling)
    3. Human Resources (DOC)** (Equal Employment Opportunity/Title IX)
    4. Information Technology Services (DOC)**
    5. Procurement and Retail Services (DOC)** (Bearcat Shop (DOC)Campus Post Office and Printing Services (DOCX))
  5. Enrollment and Access Management
    1. Admissions (DOC)** (Veteran Services)
    2. Financial Aid (DOC)**
    3. International Student and Scholar Services (DOC)
    4. Orientation Programs (DOCX)***
    5. Registrar (DOCX)**
  6. Governmental Affairs
    1. University Relations and Publications**
  7. Student Affairs
    1. Campus Recreation and Intramurals (PDF)***
    2. Career Services (PDF)***
    3. Equestrian Center (DOC)***
    4. Housing and Residence Life (DOCX)***
    5. Student Activities*** (CARE Team, Multicultural Affairs, Spirit Program, Student Conduct)
    6. University Police (DOC)**
    7. Wellness Center (DOCX)*** (Counseling Center, Health Services, Disability Services)
  8. University Advancement
    1. Alumni Affairs (DOCX)**
    2. Development** (First report expected in February 2019)



Academic Support Service: those services whose primary function is to help students to refine and strengthen the academic skills necessary to be successful at Lander University. 

** Administrative Support Service: those services whose primary function is to support the day-to-day operation and maintenance of Lander University. 

*** Student Support Service: those services whose primary function is to help students to refine and strengthen the knowledge, skills and abilities that contribute to personal growth and development (including, but not limited to, improving awareness and identity, developing talents and potential, building human capital and facilitating employability, enhancing quality of life and contributing to the realization of dreams and aspirations).