The final authority and responsibility for the governance of Lander University is vested in the Board of Trustees. The Board consists of 17 members: one member from each of the state’s congressional districts and eight members at-large, elected by the General Assembly; one member appointed by the Governor; and the Governor of South Carolina, ex officio, or his/her designee.


Chair Vice Chair Secretary

Donald H. Scott

Mr. Donald H. Scott

Greenwood, SC
Seat 11

Donald Lloyd, II

Mr. Donald Lloyd, II

North Myrtle Beach, SC
Appointed by the Governor,
Seat 16

Peggy Makins

Dr. Peggy Makins

Lexington, SC
Seat 10








Congressional District 1,
Seat 1

Angela G. Strickland, Esquire

Angela G. Strickland, Esq.

Chapin, SC
Congressional District 2,
Seat 2

Linda L. Dolny

Dr. Linda L. Dolny

Clinton, SC
Congressional District 3,
Seat 3

Terry Pruitt

Dr. Terry O. Pruitt

Spartanburg, SC
Congressional District 4,
Seat 4

S. Anne Walker

Mrs. S. Anne Walker

Sumter, SC
Congressional District 5,
Seat 5

Robert F. Sabalis

Dr. Robert F. Sabalis

Orangeburg, SC
Congressional District 6,
Seat 6

Catherine Lee Frederick

Ms. Catherine Lee

Florence, SC
Congressional District 7,
Seat 7

Mr. Robert A. Barber, Jr.

Mr. Robert A. Barber, Jr.

Charleston, SC
Seat 8

Jim Shubert

Mr. Jim Shubert

Lexington, SC
Seat 9

Dr. DeWitt B. Stone, Jr.

Dr. DeWitt B. Stone, Jr.

Clemson, SC
Seat 12

Raymond D. Hunt

Mr. Raymond D. Hunt

Chapin, SC
Seat 13

Marcia Thrift Hydrick

Ms. Marcia Thrift Hydrick

Seneca, SC
Seat 14

John E. Craig

Mr. John E. Craig

Lancaster, SC
Seat 15

Holly Bracknell

Holly Bracknell

Greenwood, SC
Governor's Designee

Henry McMaster

Henry McMaster

Ex-Officio Member,
Governor of South Carolina