Media Conversion Services

We can digitize your classroom materials and other university historical archive media:

  • Vinyl records 
  • Audio cassettes 
  • VHS tapes 
  • Mini-DV tapes 
  • 35mm slides 


Duplication Services

We offer CD and DVD duplication for non-copyrighted materials.


Equipment Checkout

We have a number of items available for short-term checkout to faculty and staff such as portable laptops and projectors. These items are small, lightweight and perfect for travel. We also have digital cameras and camcorders.


Verizon Air Cards

Need to stay connected while you're traveling? We have Verizon Wireless air cards available for a daily charge.


Video and Telephone Conferencing

We have one classroom equipped for IP based video conferencing and another room capable of teleconferencing. If your department is invited to a webinar, or needs to consult with a vendor or partner via teleconference, give us a call to schedule our facilities.

We also have portable telephone conference phones that are perfect for smaller teleconferences.