Position  Department  Date  Status 
Administrative Assistant Student Affairs 02/11/2020 Reviewing Applications
Assistant Director of Campus Visits and Events Admissions 02/20/2020 Reviewing Applications
Temporary Administrative Assistant Financial Aid 08/31/2020 Reviewing Applications
Transfer Analyst  Office of the Registrar 09/30/2020 Filled
Custodian Physical Plant 10/02/2020 Filled
Senior Web Developer IT 11/11/2020 Filled
Financial Aid Counselor (Repost) Financial Aid 12/15/2020 Filled
Coordinator of Student Life and Programming Student Affairs 10/30/2020 Filled
Accounts Receivable Accountant Business Office 11/12/2020 Filled
Assistant Vice President for Major, Planned, and Principal Gifts University Advancement 11/19/2020 Filled
Graduate Admissions Counselor Admissions 11/18/2020 Filled
Customer Relations and Specialized Assignments Coordinator   Housing and Residential Life 11/20/2020 Filled
Assistant Golf Coach Athletics 11/27/2020 Filled
Corporal University Police 02/11/2021 Filled
Custodian Physical Plant 11/30/2020 Filled
Assistant Grounds Manager Physical Plant 11/30/2020 Filled
Executive Director of Alumni Association University Advancement 11/30/2020 Filled
Coordinator of Student Life and Special Events Student Activities 11/30/2020 Filled

Assistant Director of Student Life for Campus Recreation and Intramural Sports

Campus Recreation  12/06/2020 Filled
Administrative Assistant College of Business 12/15/2020 Filled
Assistant Volleyball Coach Athletics 12/18/2020 Filled
Electronics Technician University Police 02/11/2021 Filled
Financial Aid Counselor Financial Aid 12/15/2020 Filled
Staff Writer University Relations 01/04/2021 Filled
Receptionist Wellness Center 01/04/2021 Filled
Area Coordinator Housing and Residence Life 01/04/2021 Filled
Accountant Business Office 01/29/2021 Filled
Student Success Advisor- 2 positions Academic Affairs 03/31/2021 Filled
Procurement Specialist I Procurement Office 03/02/2021 Filled
Part time Dispatchers University Police 02/28/2021 Reviewing Applications
Marketing and Brand Strategist University Relations 03/02/2021 Filled
Bus Driver (9 month position) Student Activities 03/18/2021 Filled
Groundskeeper Physical Plant 03/18/2021 Filled
Part-time bus driver Student Activities 04/07/2021 Reviewing applications
Manager of Equestrian Operations Equestrian Center 04/02/2021 Filled
Student Outreach Coordinator Academic Affairs 04/07/2021 Filled
Head Bass Fishing Coach Athletics 04/07/2021 Filled
Director of Governmental Relations Governmental Relations 04/11/2021 Reviewing applications
HVAC Technician Physical Plant 04/14/2021 Filled
Electrician Physical Plant 04/14/2021 Filled
Carpenter Physical Plant 04/14/2021 Filled
Systems Programmer Physical Plant 04/14/2021 Reviewing applications
Graphics Designer University Relations 04/18/2021 Filled
Mental Health Counselor Wellness Center 04/21/2021 Filled
Tutoring and SI Coordinator Academic Success Center 04/21/2021 Filled
Assistant Vice President For Administration Finance & Administration 05/12/2021 Reviewing Applications
Volleyball Coach Athletics 05/18/2021 Filled
Utilities Mover Physical Plant 06/11//2021 Filled
Strength and Conditioning Assistant Coach Athletics 06/10/2021 Filled
Admissions Counselor Admissions 06/16/2021 Filled
Assistant Director of Campus Visits Admissions 06/16/2021 Re-classed/Not filled
Graphic Artist Print Service 06/22/2021 Filled
Assistant Wresting Coach Athletics 06/22/2021 Filled
Assistant Softball Coach Athletics 06/22/2021 Filled
Assistant women's Lacrosse Athletics 06/22/2021 Filled
Utilities/ Custodial Supervisor Physical Plant 07/01/2021 Filled
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach Athletics 07/01/2021 Filled
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach Athletics 07/01/2021 Filled
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach Athletics 07/01/2021 Filled
Program Assistant Graduate and Online Studies 07/01/2021 Filled
Part-time Dispatcher  University Police 07/01/2021 Filled
Custodian (2 vacancies) Physical Plant 07/06/2021 Filled
Admissions Counselor Office of Admissions 07/12/2021 Filled
Administrative Specialist College of Education 07/20/2021 Reviewing applications
Temp Lifeguards Campus Recreation 08/01/2021 Reviewing Applications
Part time Dispatchers University Police 08/01/2021 Reviewing Applications
Student Success Advisor (2 Vacancies) Academic Affairs 07/28/2021   1 Filled
Coordinator of Student Life and Orientation Programs Student Affairs 07/29/2021 Reviewing Applications
Assistant Athletic Trainer Athletics 08/04/2021 Reviewing Applications
Area Coordinator Housing and Residential Life 08/23/2021 Reviewing Applications
Administrative Assistant Financial Aid 08/23/2021 Reviewing Applications
Instructional Designer IT 08/23/2021 Reviewing Applications
Videographer University Relations 08/24/2021 Reviewing Applications
Transfer Analyst Registrar's Office 09/03/2021 Reviewing Applications
Special Events Coordinator Admissions Office 09/07/2021 Reviewing Applications
Student Success Advisor Academic Affairs 08/30/2021 Reviewing Applications

Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Media

(12 month Contract)

Athletics 09/09/2021 Reviewing Applications