The Staff Senate consists of the Staff Senate Board, one ex-officio representative from the office of Human Resources; and Senators representing designated workplace areas within the university.



Recognizing a need for staff representation to the administration, Lander President Dr. Richard Cosentino called  upon his cabinet members to select a group of employees to create a new Staff Senate. 

In the spring of 2017, a Senate Task Force made up of 15 staff employees representing all areas of the campus workplace began the task of researching, identifying best practices, and reviewing models of senate structure at other universities. The task force presented their findings and recommendations to the president in the summer of 2017, and to the entire staff during the Fall semester of 2017. The initial task force then transitioned into Senators, becoming the founding members of the Lander University Staff Senate.



How many senators are there?

There are currently 14 senators plus one Ex-Officio from the Office of Human Relations.

Why does HR sit in on the Staff Senate meetings?

This is customary practice made by most staff senates at other universities. The representative from Human Resources is not a voting senate member, but provides valuable information and guidance when called upon.

When are elections?

Elections are held in the spring semester.