The President’s Cabinet, in collaboration with Staff Senate, the Business Office, the Office of Human Resources, and Aramark Food Services is pleased to share with you the Employee of the Month program.  This program is designed to recognize those employees who go above and beyond the call of duty by exhibiting excellence and dedication to one or more of Lander’s Core Values as we strive to become an employer of choice.

Any Lander employee may nominate any full-time staff member by completing the online Nomination Form located on the HR Forms website.  The person completing the form does not have to work in the same department as the staff member being nominated. All nominations will be submitted to the Office of Human Resources for acknowledgement that the employee is in good standing, then forwarded to Staff Senate for discussion and voting. Decisions will be based on which nominee best represents Lander’s Core Values.  

Nominations received by the last Friday of each month will be considered for the following month’s award.

Congratulations to Our Employee of the Month

Sarah Grant

Sarah Grant  
Director of Health Services
Wellness Center

Sarah’s commitment to the safety of Lander’s students, staff, and faculty members is evident from her hard work to develop a successful plan to manage our University population post-COVID. Lander appreciates Sarah’s drive to keep our campus safe via processes such as contact tracing, planning for COVID testing and vaccine administration, safety education for students, as well as a host of other non-COVID related programs which she oversees.



Honorable Mentions

The employees below were also nominated for the April 2021 award and deserve honorable mention.

  • Mary Jo Carpenter – William Preston Turner School of Nursing

  • Grant Stone – Library Services


Past Recipients

Vivian Gaylord

Vivian Gaylord  

Associate Director of Financial Aid
Financial Aid 

Dawn Lewis

Bubba Davis  

Master Craftsman
Physical Plant

Susan Russo

MARCH 2021
Susan Russo 

Class Schedule and VA Coordinator
Registrar’s Office

Melody Johnson

APRIL 2020
Melody Johnson 

Administrative Specialist
College of Arts and Humanities

Rixon Lane

MAY 2020
Rixon Lane​ 

Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Media

Terry Urban

JUNE 2020
Mike Henderson​ 

Systems Administration Manager
Information Technology Service

Rodney Boyter

JULY 2020
Rodney Boyter

Director of Safety
Physical Plant

Kim Shannon

Kim Shannon 

Executive Director of Wellness and Holistic Support
Wellness Center

Pam Harold Oliver

Harold Oliver  

Building and Grounds Specialist
Physical Plant

Matt Goldman

Matt Goldman  

System Support Technician
University Police

Zach Helms

Zach Helms  

Director of Housing & Residence Life
Housing & Residence Life

Laney Dixon

Laney Dixon​ 

Recruit Data Specialist

Nomination Forms are located on the HR Forms site and should be delivered to Human Resources no later than the last Friday of the month for consideration for the following month’s award.