State group insurance benefits include health, dental and vision care, as well as life insurance, long-term disability coverage and a pre-tax flexible benefits program.


State Insurance Benefits 

The following insurance benefits are provided through the Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA). 

Health Insurance

  • Standard Health Plan
  • Savings Health Plan
  • TRICARE Supplement Plan

Visit the PEBA website for more health insurance information.




Prescription Coverage

  • State Health Plan Prescription Drug Program

Visit the PEBA website for more prescription benefits information.


Dental Insurance

  • State Dental Plan
  • Dental Plus

Visit the PEBA website for more dental insurance information.


Vision Care

  • State Vision Plan
  • Vision Care Discount Program 

Visit the PEBA website for more vision care information.


Life Insurance

 Visit the PEBA website for more life insurance information.


Long Term Disability

  • Basic Long Term Disability
  • Supplemental Long Term Disability

Visit the PEBA website for more long term disability information.



  • Pre-tax Group Insurance
  • Medical Spending Account
  • Dependent Care Spending Account
  • Health Savings Account

 Visit the PEBA website for more MoneyPlus program information.


COBRA Continuation of Coverage


Supplemental Insurance

In addition to your PEBA benefits, you have the opportunity to add supplemental coverage from Aflac.


General Eligibility 

Eligible employees generally are those who:

  • Work full-time and receive compensation from for the state, a public higher education institution, a public school district or a participating optional employer, such as a participating county or municipal government; and
  • Are hired into an insurance-eligible position

Subscriber Effective Date

The date your state insurance coverage begins depends on the date you became eligible:

  • If eligible on the 1st calendar day of the month, coverage will begin on that same day.
  • If eligible on the 1st working day of the month, and it’s not the 1st calendar day, coverage may start on the 1st day of that month, or the first day of the next month.
  • If eligible any time after the 1st working day of the month, coverage will begin on the 1st day of the next month.


Enroll or Make Changes

Employees are only allowed to enroll or make changes to insurance benefits during specific time periods throughout the year. Learn more about the enrollment process and some exceptions that may apply.