Frequently Asked Questions 


Benefits Questions
Is membership in the Retirement Systems mandatory?

Any full-time employee who fills a permanent position must join.

May I borrow against my SCRS funds?

No. Your funds are refundable after a minimum of 90 days have elapsed following termination of covered employment

If you are covered by the State Health Plan Standard Plan, are routine physical exams covered for subscribers older than 18?

No. Routine physical exams are not covered for subscribers older than 18. The plan does offer limited preventive benefits for certain services including mammograms, Pap test, colonoscopies and well child care.

If you are covered by the State Health Plan Savings Plan, are routine physical exams covered?

Savings Plan participants age 19 and older may receive an annual physical from a network provider. Savings Plan participants are also eligible for additional wellness benefits, such as mammograms, colonoscopies and flu vaccinations.

How do I change my name if I get Married?

You must provide Human Resources with a copy of your Social Security Card reflecting your new name.

I am an expectant mother. Do I need to notify my health plan before receiving maternity services?

The State Health Plan requires that all expectant mothers participate in the Maternity Management Program and preauthorize maternity benefits with Medi-Call during the first trimester (three months) of the pregnancy. If you do not preauthorize, there will be a $200 penalty for failing to call, as well as a $200 penalty for each maternity-related inpatient admission and a coinsurance penalty. Newborns are not automatically enrolled. Once the baby is born, you must contact Human Resources within 31 days to add the child to your coverage.

Can I add my children or spouse to my coverage?

Yes, when you first enroll in coverage, or within 31 days of loss of coverage with documentation or during Open Enrollment.

What happens to my Optional Life insurance when I retire?

If you are enrolled in Optional Life when you retire, you may choose to continue to convert your insurance with MetLife. A Continuation of Group Optional Life Coverage Form or Notice of Group Life Insurance Conversion Privilege Form must be completed and received by MetLife within 31 days of your retirement. You may also choose to convert your Basic Life or Dependent Life for a spouse or child by completing the Notice of Group Life Insurance Conversion Privilege form within 31 days of your retirement. Human Resources will assist you in completing these forms.

What do I need to do if I or my spouse becomes eligible for Medicare?

Active employees and their covered family members should enroll in Part A and may choose to defer Part B until the employee retires.

I am no longer using tobacco. How can I get this charge removed?

If you or one of your covered dependents has not used tobacco for at least six months, you may complete a Certification Regarding Tobacco Use form and return it to Human Resources. The charge will be removed the first of the month following receipt by the Public Employee Benefits Authority (PEBA).

How do I enter FMLA leave?

To be eligible for FMLA leave, an employee must have worked for an employer at least 12 months, have worked at least 1250 hours in the 12 months preceding the leave. Contact Human Resources for FMLA paperwork. Do not enter FMLA leave on the web. Human Resources will enter this leave for you.

What happens to my insurance benefits if I am terminated from employment?

Twelve-month employees who terminate are taken off of Lander's group insurance coverage effective the first of the month following the termination date. Employees who are on contract for less than 12 months and who terminate are taken off of Lander's group insurance coverage effective the first of the month following the end of the contract period. Teaching in any summer session is not considered a part of a nine-month contract position.

General Questions
Can I get passes for my family to use Lander’s pool/gym?

Contact the Campus Recreation Office at 864-388-8964.

How do I request accommodations?

Individuals with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation(s) in the application, interview, and employment processes. Please contact the University's Office of Human Resources at 864-388-8310.

How do I request training?

Discuss your needs with your supervisor and request approval.