Please use the following FAQ as a helpful resource for Lander-related questions.

Will Lander require testing of employees prior to returning to campus?

No. At this time, the University will not require testing or temperature taking for employees upon their return to campus.

Is testing available for employees who are experiencing symptoms?

Individuals who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should contact their health care provider for guidance regarding testing. You can also utilize one of the many telephone/virtual health care resources available for South Carolina residents:

What should I do if I am sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick?


If you have a fever, cough or other symptoms, please contact your health care provider for guidance. Most people who have COVID-19 have mild illness and are able to recover at home. See the CDC’s website for additional information.

If you think you may have COVID-19, or if you have had close contact with someone being tested or diagnosed with COVID-19, please notify Student Health Services immediately.

I am considered “high-risk.” Do I have to return to campus, or can I continue to work remotely?

Employees who are considered high risk, as well as those who are caring for individuals considered high risk, can work with their supervisors to make accommodations for their individual needs. In most cases, employees who are able to telecommute should be allowed to continue working remotely.

I am anxious about returning to campus. What should I do?

Employees who are concerned for their health and wellbeing are advised to contact their supervisor or the Office of Human Resources at or 864-388-8310 to discuss their options for returning to the workplace.

Student Health Services can also provide guidance and resources to help students and employees who are experiencing anxiety related to COVID-19.

I can’t find childcare services. Can I bring my children with me to campus while I work?

Many parents are having difficulty securing adequate childcare due to the pandemic and the restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Employees who are unable to secure childcare should notify their supervisors of their situation; supervisors will remain flexible with accommodations, such as telecommuting or alternative scheduling. Employees may also use leave, if applicable. Contact the Office of Human Resources at or 864-388-8310 if you have questions about leave benefits.

Is there additional assistance for employees?

Our Employee Assistance Program, LifeServices EAP, is available to all employees who feel they may need support and resources related to certain personal or work-related challenges that may occur during this time. There are counselors available 24/7/365, and can be reached at 1-800-822-4847. This service is free-of-charge to all Lander employees.

Are face coverings required on campus?

All persons are required to wear a face covering or mask when inside any building on Lander’s campus. To see the University’s face covering requirements, click here.

Will Lander provide face coverings?

The University will be providing students, faculty and staff with high-quality, reusable cloth masks upon return to campus. Students and employees may also choose to wear their own face coverings.

The CDC and S.C. DHEC have more information about the recommended types of face coverings, as well as instructions on use and making your own.

Will cleaners and sanitizers be available?

The University will provide cleaning supplies that can be used to disinfect high-touch and shared surfaces. Supplies will be available in classrooms for cleaning of desks, tables, equipment, etc. Additionally, the University has installed hand sanitizing stations throughout campus.

Employees will receive information about ordering cleaning supplies through the University for use in offices and workspaces.

Do I need to wear gloves while on campus?

For the general public, the CDC recommends wearing gloves only when you are cleaning or caring for someone who is sick. In most other situations, wearing gloves is not necessary. Instead, practice everyday preventive actions like social distancing, washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, and wearing a cloth face covering when you have to go out in public.

Are face-to-face meetings allowed?

The University strongly encourages employees to continue using virtual options for meetings, such as Microsoft Teams, WebEx or Zoom, when possible.

Will training and education be available?

Throughout the return-to-work phases, and upon the return of students for the Fall 2020 semester, the University will be providing educational materials and information regarding COVID-19. Additional training and resources will be available on the University’s website.

Where can I find general information about COVID-19?

S.C. DHEC and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have numerous resources and educational materials regarding COVID-19 and the steps you can take to protect your health. Some helpful links include:





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*Information on this page is subject to change, based on future conditions and/or guidance and directives issued by government and public health agencies.