Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets bi-monthly to conduct the business of The Foundation. This committee has all of the powers of the board except the power to do anything that is inconsistent with board policy or with actions taken by the board. Any member of the Executive Committee who is also a paid employee of Lander University serves as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee. Members of this committee include the four officers of The Lander Foundation, the president of Lander University, the president of the Alumni Association, and the chairs of the six standing committees.


Standing Committees

Finance & Audit Committee


  • Doug Kauffmann, Chair
  • Todd Croker
  • Director of Accounting for University Advancement*
  • Stephan Moyon
  • Van Taylor*
Investment Committee
  • Theo Lane, Chair
  • Holly Bracknell
  • Director of Accounting for University Advancement*
  • Murry Kinard
  • Van Taylor*
Ad Hoc, Development
  • Lorraine Angelino, Chair
  • John Craig
  • Theo Lane
  • Denise Manley*
  • Debrah Miller
  • Van Taylor*


Ad Hoc, Scholarship & Budget
  • Gerald Witt, Chair
  • Andy Benoit*
  • AL Green
  • Renee Love*
  • Robin McMurtury*
  • Robert Stevenson*
  • Van Taylor*


*Non-voting Board Members