Healthy Living Programs

Activate Greenwood - Lander University partners with the Greenwood Family YMCA and Self Regional Healthcare each year to address the issue of obesity. With a Kickoff Rally in January, students, faculty, staff and the community register for a free healthy living program which includes weigh-ins, health screenings, health talks and more.

Blood Drives - Students at Lander University have the opportunity to donate blood during various times of the year when the local blood center is in need.

House Calls - Students living on campus are visited in their residence halls by staff and faculty of Lander University during a selected date each fall semester. The staff and faculty introduce themselves, talk with the students about available services and give each student a special gift.

Smoking Cessation Help - Lander University became the first university or college in South Carolina to ban smoking on campus. Click here to view Lander University's Tobacco Policy. The Wellness Center assists students, faculty and staff who want to quit smoking with free counseling. If necessary, students can be referred for outside medical evaluation and nicotine replacement therapy including the use of trans-dermal patches, gum and other aids to help relieve withdrawal symptoms.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Awareness Programs - Throughout the school year, various events and programs are held to raise awareness of the dangers of mixing drugs & alcohol with college life.