Campus Security Authority (CSA)

In addition to campus law enforcement, students and employees are encouraged to report criminal offenses to Campus Security Authorities (CSA’s) on our campus. Individuals may not want to reveal their identity or press charges in certain situations and consistent with those preferences, they can report an incident to one of the following employees so that an anonymous report can be forwarded to the University Police Department for statistical purposes:
  • Residence Hall Assistants (RA’s)
  • Residence Hall Directors (RD’s)
  • Assistant Director and the Director of Residence Life
  • Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Greek life Coordinator
  • Assistant Director of Student Activities
  • Faculty Advisers to recognized student groups
  • Athletic Director and Assistant Athletic Directors
  • Athletic Team Coaches
  • Athletic Advisors
  • Multicultural Student Services Director
  • Campus Recreation / Intramurals Director
  • Career Services Director
  • Director of International Programs
  • Director of Health Services
  • Crimes may be reported to anyone listed here.
 The CSA is responsible for providing statistical information on crimes reported to them for inclusion in this report. Statistical information will be requested from area police agencies. We encourage members of the Lander University community to use this report as a guide for safe practices on and off campus.