Campus Safety

Awareness and Security

College students cannot become complacent under the impression that their campuses are safe havens from our society’s crime.  Crime can occur on campus and against students in the community around campus.

With the information here, we hope to remind you that the most important element in your personal safety is your own consciousness of potential dangers.  With your help, our campus can remain safer than the world at large.

Safety Programs
The Lander University Police Department offers a variety of educational and safety programs for students, faculty and staff. Safety Programs

Preventing Theft
Most crimes reported to the University Police involve property rather than personal danger. You can minimize your chances of becoming a victim by remembering that college campuses are not immune to crime. Preventing Theft

Preventing Assault
The same good sense that can help keep your property secure can also help keep you safe. Remember that just being on campus is not sufficient protection-don’t put yourself in a victim’s position. Preventing Assault

Sex Offenders
Learn more about Sex Offenders in South Carolina and across the country. Sex Offenders

Be Cautious and Prepared
Learn the locations of the 33 Blue Light Emergency call boxes in campus parking lots and throughout the campus area. A map showing all 33 locations is available from the University Police Department.

The call boxes provide a direct link to the University Police. No dialing is necessary simply press the emergency red button and the police dispatcher will answer. The blue light at the top of the yellow pole will begin to flash making your location even more visible.


In Case of Emergency

Dial 8911 if calling from a Campus Phone

Dial (864) 388-8222 if calling from a cell or other off-campus phone.


Armed Intruder How to react in the office or classroom

Safe Spring Break - Tips for safe travels

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