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Why I give to the Forever Lander Excellence Fund

Don Scott

Donald H. Scott

Class of 1975

“I often reflect on how much scholarships helped me as a student at Lander. By giving to the Forever Lander Excellence Fund, I’m helping to pay it forward. If everyone gave just a little, a tremendous amount of help would be available for many deserving students to attend Lander.”
Angela Strickland

Angela Strickland

Class of 2002

“It’s important for alumni to give back to Lander to ensure other students have the same types of opportunities. If we continue to give, it will only make Lander stronger – and that makes our degrees even more valuable. As donors, we provide freedom for Lander students to earn their degrees and graduate without the burden of student-loan debt.”
Don Durden

Don Durden

Class of 2012

“I’m a donor because of everything Lander has given to me. One of the main reasons I came to Lander was because of scholarships. They allowed me to focus my attention on my studies and complete an internship my senior year. I know I wouldn’t be working for a Fortune 200 company now if it hadn’t been for my degree from Lander.”