The Foundation Board

The Lander Foundation is governed by a board made up of friends and alumni who are interested in the University's future and the future of higher education in South Carolina. Foundation work is carried out through the following committees: Executive, Scholarship, Investment, Planned Gifts, Annual Gifts, Alumni Relations, and University Development. The full board meets twice a year--in May and November--to deal with selected items of business and policy issues.

The term of office for a Foundation member is three years.  Members may be elected for a second, three-year term. They are then required to be off The Foundation board for one year before seeking re-election. The Foundation is audited annually.


  • President
    A.R. Charnes
  • Vice President
    Doug Kauffmann 
  • Treasurer
    Greg Lovins*
  • Secretary
    Lorraine Angelino

Executive Committee

  • A.R. Charnes, President
  • Doug Kauffmann, Vice President
  • Greg Lovins*, Treasurer
  • Lorraine Angelino., Secretary
  • Richard Cosentino*, Member of Executive Committee by virtue of office as President of Lander University
  • Debrah Miller, Member of Executive Committee by virtue of office as President of Lander University Alumni Association
  • Doug Kauffmann, Chair, Annual Gifts Committee
  • Debrah Miller, Chair, Alumni Relations Committee
  • Gerald Witt, Chair, Faculty/Staff Development Committee
  • Jerry Stevens, Chair, Finance Committee
  • Jerry Stevens, Chair, Investment Committee
  • Andy Benoit*, Chair, Scholarship Committee
  • Van Taylor, Interim Executive Director

Executive Director

  • Van Taylor

*Non-voting Board Members

Board of Trustees

  • Lorraine Angelino
  • Andy Benoit*
  • Holly Bracknell
  • A.R. Charnes
  • Richard E. Cosentino*
  • Linda L. Dolny
  • Alvin L. Green, Sr.
  • Doug Kauffmann
  • Theo Lane
  • C. Renee Love*
  • Greg Lovins*
  • Debrah Miller
  • Jerry Stevens
  • Robert Stevenson*
  • Gerald Witt