University Program Council (UPC)

This group of students arranges a variety of activities and events which are free for students in addition to being cultural, educational, and entertaining for the Lander community. Some of these programs include events such as Movie Nights, Welcome Week activities, Concerts, and Carnivals.

Membership is open to any student who is in good standing with the university, shows interest, completes the interview process and is willing to support the mission of providing quality programs on campus.  Information will be sent out to the student body when applications are open.

If you are interested in serving on the program committee and would like to be involved with bringing quality entertainment to Lander’s campus, contact the Office of Student Activities by calling (864) 388-8244 or drop by our office in the Grier Student Center (GC-340).

The Mission Statement of UPC
The mission of the University Program Council is to provide the students of Lander University with a variety of educational opportunities of an academic, social, or cultural nature outside of the classroom. The University Program Council carries out this purpose through the provision of quality programming designed to provide leadership development opportunities, to encourage involvement and increase participation in campus life, to promote an appreciation of diversity, to promote an appreciation of the Lander University experience, and to expose the college community to new ideas, activities, and forms of entertainment.

Events Calendar