Facility Requests

Student organizations wishing to reserve a facility may obtain a green Facility Request Form outside of the Office of Student Activities, located in the Grier Student Center, GC-214.  

5-Steps to reserve a facility:

  1. Your President and Advisor’s signature on the Facility Request Form
  2. ARAMARK’s approval, indicated by Nancy Goplerud’s signature, to serve food/drink
  3. Approval from The Office of Student Activities
  4. An idea of what facility/space you would like to reserve
  5. Any facility or technical needs listed

Once you have completed the form, including all necessary signatures, you will take the form to the Area Facility Coordinator for final approval that the space you would like to reserve is available for the time & date requested.  You will then receive email confirmation that your reservation has been successfully reserved.  You should keep this email confirmation for your record.

For additional information regarding facility reservations, please refer to your copy of the student handbook or click here for an electronic copy. Information for how to reserve a facility can be found starting on page 53.