Special Events & Facilities Scheduling

To request the use of Lander University facilities please fill out the Facilities Request Form and send it to the appropriate Area Coordinator as listed on the back side of the form. Please include specific requirements, such as tables and chairs, in the Request Form. If you are an off-campus organization requesting the Cultural Center, please print and sign a copy of the Cultural Center User Agreement and send it along with your request.

If you have questions concerning scheduling, availability and set-up options please contact Elizabeth McCune in the Facilities Scheduling Office at 864-388-8335 or e-mail at emccune@lander.edu. You may also contact Eddie Shaw, Director of Special Events at 864-388-8406 or e-mail at eshaw@lander.edu. For specific information related to the facility that you are requesting, please refer to the link for the Area Facility Coordinator to contact.

Important Documents

Please note that students must contact Debbie Spearman in the Student Activities Office at 8244 to request use of Lander University facilities.