Drop/Withdrawal From Course

Students may drop a course completely during the first week of classes during the fall or spring semester and may drop a course completely during the first day of class in each summer term. Students may withdraw from a course without academic penalty (earn a grade of W) during the subsequent four weeks of the fall or spring semester and may withdraw from a course during the subsequent four class days of each summer term.

After the course withdrawal period, if circumstances arise which would directly impact the student's ability to fulfill the course requirements of a specific class, the student may complete a Petition form to withdraw from individual classes. The Petition will be considered only if it presents circumstances which are 1) compelling, 2) non‑academic and 3) beyond the control of the student (e.g., extended illness or related distress) and which 4) would directly impact the student's ability to fulfill the course requirements.

*No laboratory section offered by the Division of Biological and Physical Science or clinical section offered by the School of Nursing may be added after that lab/clinical section has met for the first time.

Complete Official Withdrawal - If you need to withdraw from all classes, please click here.

Official Withdrawal

From the University: Students who find it necessary to withdraw from all classes must process an Official Withdrawal Form through the Registrar's Office. (Bearcat Web will not allow the withdraw of all classes.) A Complete Withdrawal after the course drop deadline date will result in grades of W for all registered course work. Students may not Completely Withdraw following the last day of classes for each semester or summer term.

A student who completely withdraws from the University during a semester must submit a new application for admission in order to be readmitted to the University unless the student is granted a Temporary Leave.

Temporary Leave

Students who intend to reenroll at Lander after an attendance break of one or two regular semesters may request an Official Temporary Leave. Such a leave may be granted for either one or two regular semesters if the applicant is in good standing and if the enrollment break is caused by appropriate personal, medical, or emergency reasons. A Temporary Leave request is filed with the Office of the Registrar. Completion of the application and approval of the request constitutes a contract between Lander and the student involved. This contract obligates Lander to furnish access to certain services during the non‑enrollment period and binds the student to reenroll by no later than the mutually‑agreed‑upon date. Lander approvals include signatures of the appropriate academic department chair,a representative of counseling services, Business Office, Financial Aid Office, Housing (if student lives on campus), Office of the Registrar.

Students approved for a Temporary Leave are eligible for:

  1. Registration for classes without the necessity of applying for readmission (as long as the application for a Temporary Leave is processed no later than two weeks prior to the registration in question)
  2. Participation in residence hall room requests at the same time as students currently in residence (as long as the application for a Temporary Leave is processed at least two weeks prior to the appropriate housing deadlines)
  3. Certain University scholarships
  4. Use of the Jackson Library with a temporary ID.

Students not eligible for Temporary Leave:

  • Foreign students, because of Federal laws governing them, may not have a break in their studies except during the summer.
  • Special/NonDegree students, whether undergraduate or graduate, admitted for one semester only