Mail Forwarding

This is the only way to insure your mail is forwarded to the correct address during the summer or when you have an address change for any other reason.

Log into MyLander. Use the first part of your email address as the user name and your email password. For example, if your email address is you would use jdoe as your user name.

Once logged into MyLander,
  1. Click on the Academic Services tab
  2. Click on Banner Self Service
  3. Click on Personal Information
  4. Click on View/Update Addresses and Phones
If you need to change your address, click the Update Addresses and Phones link at the bottom of the page and follow on-screen instructions.

The United States Post Office will not process a change of address from Lander – it is your responsibility to notify all senders of your new address. The LU Post Office will forward mail for three months from residency inactivation.