Department Services

Outgoing department mail that needs postage applied should be dropped in the mail slot located in the hallway behind the Campus Post Office. There are four slots, two for inside the United States, and one for Out of Country and one for mail that already has postage applied. Please make sure you secure your mailing (rubber-band, etc.) and include a completed daily mail processing form.

If you have a large amount of mail or something too large to fit in the slot please set it on the table inside the workroom. Outgoing mail needs to be at the post office by 12:00 pm so it can be ready for pickup.

If something needs to go out from your department after pick up time, postage can be applied by bringing the outgoing mail to the Customer Service Window at the Campus Post Office. Someone from your department will need to take it to the United States Post Office. This also applies to Certified Mail.
All UPS packages need to be taken to the Bearcat Shop by 12:00 pm to go out the same day.

A slot for Inter-Campus Mail is located next to the Campus Post Office Service Window. Please make sure you do not mix this with mail needing postage as it will be mailed out.

To protect the privacy of departmental mail, mailbox combinations will not be given out to student workers. The department will need to give the combination to the person designated to pick up their mail.