Orientation Leaders

Brianna BucknerBrianna Buckner 2

Brianna Buckner
Varnville, SC

My name is Brianna and I'm an English Education major. It takes a lot of courage to be a college student. I love encouraging students to be the best they can be. We are all one big family here at Lander!

Courtney BrinkCourtney Brink 2 w3360

Courtney Brink
Spartanburg, SC

During high school, I participated in Teacher Cadet and from that experience, knew I wanted to be a teacher. I chose Lander because of the small campus size; I've felt at home since I first stepped on campus. After I graduate, I plan to go back home to Spartanburg and teach at the school where I completed my teacher cadet field experience.

J'Nia CohenJ'Nia Cohen

J'Nia Cohen
Spartanburg, SC

They say "the sky's the limit!" That's why I brought my pet giraffe, Grig, because I wish I was as tall as his kind. He reminds me everyday to think big! My name is J'Nia and I'm a Business Marketing major. I picked Lander because the location is perfect and our College of Business is top-notch! 

Madison TrippMadison Tripp

Madison Tripp 
Greenwood, SC

Oh, the places you'll go with a great education from Lander University! My name is Madison and I'm an Early Childhood Education major here at Lander University. I chose Lander because I grew up right here in Greenwood, and Lander has always felt like home to me. After graduation, I plan to pursue a career in teaching.

Anthony SingletonAnthony Singleton 2

Anthony Singleton
Orangeburg, SC

My name is Anthony and I'm from Orangeburg, South Carolina. As a Mass Communications major, I plan on working for a PR firm and advertising for big multi-million dollar companies after graduation. I love to play tennis.

Tameeya JohnsonTameeya Johnson

Tameeya Johnson
Manning, SC

My name is Tameeya Johnson and I am majoring in Nursing with a minor in Healthcare Management. I brought my nursing book with me because you can always find me studying for my classes. I chose Lander because of our exceptional nursing program. Throughout the years, Lander has become my home away from home and it allowed me to grow and become a successful person thus far.

Dawson FitchDawson Fitch

Dawson Fitch
Walterboro, SC

The most important things in my life are faith, family, and Disney World! My name is Dawson and I'm a Biology major from Walterboro, South Carolina. I chose Lander because of their strong Biology Department and the caring faculty we have here. After I graduate, I plan to go on and get my master's in Marine Biology.

Anna GrayAnna Gray

Anna Gray 
Chapin, SC

My name is Anna and I'm the starting scrum-half for the women's rugby team here at Lander. I wanted a campus that was large enough for me to get involved with great student organizations, but also small enough to maintain a nurturing environment in the classroom. After I graduate, I plan on earning my master's degree to practice occupational therapy.

Makaylyn Helms 1Makaylyn Helms

Makaylyn Helms
New Orleans, SC

My name is Makaylyn and I'm a Psychology major. I chose a softball for my prop, because I've played softball for most of my life, and I enjoy staying active and working out. I chose Lander University because when I came to tour the school, it felt like home to me.

Brandyn LeeBrandyn Lee

Brandyn Lee
Anderson, SC

Photography is my passion! I'm always taking photos, so look out--you just might be in one! I chose Lander because it's close to home and because of the warm, friendly environment. After graduation, I plan to go into social media marketing.

Lindsey LoparoLindsey Loparo

Lindsey Loparo
Anderson, SC

My name is Lindsey, and I'm from Anderson, SC. I'm a Mass Communication major here at Lander and I plan to get my master's in higher ed and work in student activities. I chose Lander because I came from a graduating class of 16 students, so I really love how everyone knows each other by name here and the close knit community we have on campus.

Peyton MennettiPeyton Mennetti

Peyton Mennetti 
Boiling Springs, SC

My name is Peyton, and I'm a Business - Marketing major from Boiling Springs. I couldn't stay away after my first tour at Lander! I I loved my tour guides and how friendly the student body was, and even got the chance to talk face-to-face with some of the professors, like Dr. Craton who is over the Honors College. After I graduate, I plan to go to graduate school and work for a nonprofit overseas.

Ben MilesBen Miles

Benjamin Miles
Greenville, SC

My name is Ben and I'm a Biology major with pre-medicine emphasis. I brought my speaker with me because I love music. I selected Lander because while it may appear small on the outside, it's one big family on the inside! After graduation, I plan on going to medical school to study cardiology.

Damion MoragneDamion Moragne

Damion Moragne
Ware Shoals, SC

Hi, I'm Damion and I'm an Elementary Education major from Ware Shoals. Being from right down the road, Greenwood, and now Lander, have always felt like a second home to me. I love helping people, and after I graduate, I plan to become a teacher in an elementary or middle school.

Absalon RichardsonAbsalon Richardson

Absalon Richardson
Anderson, SC

My name is Absalon and I'm a Music Education major (choral emphasis) from Anderson, SC. As a musician, Beyonce has been my biggest inspiration. I hope that one day I can be an influence to others just like she has been for me. After graduation, I plan on using my degree to teach students to love music as much as I do. That is, if I don't become a big Broadway star, of course!

Santos PaganSantos Pagan

Santos Pagán 
Lowell, MA

In high school, I didn't participate in any clubs except for sports. Lander has helped me get out of my comfort zone and try new things. I'm now involved in several student organizations, and was named Mr. Lander 2017! As a Mass Communications major, I plan on becoming a sports announcer and pursue a professional soccer career.

Mickayla CrumleyMickayla Crumley 2

Mickayla Crumley 
Anderson, SC

I'm a junior majoring in Mass Communications. I brought my cat, Cleveland, because I love cats! Attending Lander has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. After graduation, I hope to attend graduate school and one day become a director of orientation at a college or university.

Jada Stokes 1Jada Stokes 2

Jada Stokes
Columbia, SC

Hi, my name is Jordan and I'm a Nursing major from Columbia, SC. I decided to bring my Jordans with me to show just how much I love shoes! I came to Lander because I felt so welcome here and fit right in with Lander's excellent Nursing program. 

Brittany SuttonBrittany Sutton

Brittany Sutton
Hartsville, SC

I am an Exercise Science major at Lander University. I enjoy playing basketball, buying shoes, and listening to Reggae. I chose LU because I felt at home. In the classroom, my professors know me by my name and not by my L Number.

Madison CopelandMadison Copeland

Madison Copeland 
Bishopville, SC

I am a Marketing and Management major from Bishopville, SC. I chose glitter as my prop because I always try to shine and leave a little bit of happiness everywhere I go. After graduation, I plan to follow in my grandma's footsteps and become an insurance agent.