Bridge Program

The Lander University Bridge Program was developed in cooperation with the South Carolina State Technical College System to improve the students transition from a technical college to Lander University.

The Bridge Program is a collaborative program between Lander and all 16 technical colleges in South Carolina. As a participant of the Bridge program, you will complete freshman studies on the technical college campus of your choice. After completing the admissions requirements at that technical college, you will be guaranteed admission to Lander University as a sophomore and allowed priority registration. There is no additional application fee.

Like Lander, the technical college will provide you with small classes and an opportunity to be well-prepared for success. Furthermore, this unique program allows you the opportunity to meet and work with a group of select students who are also preparing to transfer to Lander.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact 864-388-8307 or

Special Benefits of the Bridge Program

Bridge Program participants will benefit from many services that allow each student to transfer to Lander University as smoothly as possible.

  • Interested participants can become Bridge Students at any of South Carolina’s 16 public technical colleges.
  • Participants have access to dual academic advisement by professionals at both the technical college of their choice and Lander University.
  • Courses taken at the technical colleges (listed in the Advising Guide) transfer to Lander and, more importantly, satisfy the students’ academic program requirements for the university.
  • A Lander representative will travel to each technical college throughout the year and will be available to speak with Bridge students during their freshman year at the technical college.
  • Upon successful completion of the Bridge requirements associated with the technical college of your choice, Bridge students are granted full acceptance into Lander University.
  • Bridge students are eligible for priority registration times.
  • Specific transfer orientation sessions are available for Bridge students prior to enrolling at Lander.

Participants also have the following special benefits associated with the Bridge Program:

  • Lander University Bridge ID card (see LUPD)
  • Free admission to Lander athletic events
  • Admission to Fine Arts Lecture Series (FALS) events (required for graduation from Lander)
  • Priority Registration Period (a semester prior to Lander enrollment)
  • Access to Lander’s Jackson Library
  • Access to Lander’s Academic Success Center
  • Access to Lander’s PRAXIS Lab (for Education majors)
  • Academic Advising
  • Financial Aid Advising
  • Transfer Articulation Advisement
  • Access to Lander’s Office of Career Services
  • Opportunity to purchase commuter meal plans

Transfer Requirements

Participants will enroll at a South Carolina Technical College of their choice and begin their coursework. Course credit and GPA must be earned after high school graduation.

Participating Students Must:

  • complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of college-level work
  • maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher
  • complete the General Studies Transfer Certificate
Upon completion of these requirements, the student will be granted full acceptance into Lander University and allowed to transfer at least 30 semester hours.

Bridge Program Forms

The forms listed below may be required for participation in the Lander Bridge Program; you will be notified if they are needed.

  • Bridge Release Form
    This form is required for all Bridge participants who are invited to participate in the program. The form gives Lander University permission to send all of a student’s original documents to the technical college of their choice, as indicated on the form.
  • Bridge Referral Form
    This form is for current technical college students who are interested in participating in the Bridge Program. The form must be completed by a technical college adviser and submitted to Lander University by that adviser.
  • Bridge Advising Guide
    This guide assists technical college advisers in advising Bridge students. It helps students transition smoothly into the major of their choice at Lander University.
  • Application for Admission
    The application for admission to Lander can be completed online or by paper. If a student is interested in participating in the Bridge program, an application for admission to Lander must be completed. Please indicate that the application is for the Bridge program and which semester you will enter Lander.

Bridge Program FAQ