Bearcat Bound Bridge Program

The Lander University Bearcat Bound Bridge Program is a unique transfer program that was developed in cooperation with the South Carolina State Technical College System to improve students’ transition from a technical college to Lander University. As a participant of the Bearcat Bound program, you will complete freshman studies on the technical college campus of your choice. You will then be able to seamlessly begin at Lander during your sophomore year, or after 30 non-developmental credit hours, whichever comes first.

During your time at the technical college, you will receive many additional benefits, including priority registration, dual academic advising, and the opportunity to join a unique community of students who are also on the journey to Lander. You may also pick up a Lander student ID and may take advantage of many of the services and activities available to Lander University students.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact 864-388-8307 or

Special Benefits of the Bearcat Bound Program

Bearcat Bound participants will benefit from many services that allow each student to transfer to Lander University as smoothly as possible.

  • Participants have access to dual academic advisement by professionals at both the technical college of their choice and Lander University to ensure the classes taken at the technical college are the courses you need to graduate from Lander.
  • Courses taken at the technical colleges (listed in the Advising Guide) transfer to Lander and, more importantly, satisfy the students’ academic program requirements for the university.
  • A Lander representative will travel to each technical college throughout the year and will be available to speak with Bearcat Bound students during their freshman year at the technical college.
  • Upon successful completion of the Bearcat Bound requirements associated with the technical college of your choice, Bearcat Bound students are granted full acceptance into Lander University.
  • Bearcat Bound students are eligible for priority registration during their first semester at Lander.
  • A Bearcat Bound Newsletter is sent once each semester to keep students up-to-date on any changes or opportunities available at Lander.
  • Bearcat Bound students are issued a Bearcat Bound ID card, which gives students access to:
    • Lander athletic events
    • Fine Arts Lecture Series (FALS) events (required for graduation from Lander)
    • Lander’s Jackson Library
    • Lander’s Academic Success Center
    • Lander’s PRAXIS Lab (for Education majors)
    • Lander’s Office of Career Services
Lander’s Fitness Center, pool, and other on-campus amenities

Bearcat Bound Program Qualifications

Many students who complete the Bearcat Bound Program are invited by Lander University’s Office of Admissions. These students do not currently meet requirements for admission to the University, but are invited to complete 30 credit hours at a technical college prior to attending Lander University.

In addition being invited to the program, a student can also qualify for the Bearcat Bound Program if they are currently taking degree-seeking courses at one of South Carolina’s technical colleges.  These students are those who want to attend Lander University after the technical college. Current technical college students who would like to become part of Bearcat Bound must have completed at least 30 credit hours of courses prior to attending Lander, and must have at least one semester of courses left to take at the technical college. 

Requirements Prior to Attending Lander

Bearcat Bound students must attend a technical college for at least one academic year prior to beginning classes at Lander.  Students who satisfy Bearcat Bound academic requirements will be granted full admission to Lander University without being required to resubmit an application to Lander University. While the student is enrolled at the technical college

  • apply to Lander University if you have not yet done so.
  • complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of college-level work with a “C” or better at the chosen technical college.
  • maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher at the chosen technical college.
  • complete a Lander University Information Update Form at least one semester prior to attending Lander University.
  • have your official technical college transcript sent to Lander’s Office of Admissions.
Upon completion of these requirements, the student will be granted full acceptance into Lander University.

Bearcat Bound Program Forms

The forms listed below may be required for participation in the Lander Bridge Program; you will be notified if they are needed.

  • Bearcat Bound Enrollment Form - This form is required for all Bearcat Bound participants who are invited to participate in the program, as well as for current technical college students who are interested in the Bearcat Bound program. Current technical college students must have part of this form completed by an advisor at the technical college. The form gives Lander University permission to send all of a student’s original documents to the technical college of their choice, and vice versa.
  • Information Update Form - This form indicates a student’s intent to enroll at Lander University. Students must complete this form if it has been over one year since the student last applied or if the student would like to change their application to a different semester. Please contact the Office of Admissions if you are unsure when you last applied.
  • Bearcat Bound Advising Guide - This guide assists technical college advisers in advising Bearcat Bound students. It helps students transition smoothly into the major of their choice at Lander University.
  • Application for Admission - The application for admission to Lander can be completed online or by paper. If a student is interested in participating in the Bearcat Bound program, an application for admission to Lander must be completed. Please indicate that the application is for the Bridge program and which semester you will enter Lander.

Bearcat Bound FAQ