SMART Classrooms

Lander University currently has over 60 SMART Classrooms. SMART Classrooms are equipped with:

  • Extron Media Link Control System
  • DVD Player
  • VCR
  • Sound System
  • Laptop Input
  • Auxiliary Video Input
  • Wireless and Wired Network Access

Use of SMART Classrooms:

Faculty scheduled to teach in SMART classrooms should obtain a key for the podiums by filling out a key request form. For non-reoccurring use of the SMART facilities, a key may be obtained in the Office of Academic Affairs. Student groups requesting use of the SMART facilities MUST be accompanied by a responsible faculty and/or staff member. SMART facilities are not accessible to outside groups.

ITS - SMART Classrooms FAQ

  • The podium computer is not showing on the monitor or the screen

  • The podium computer is not showing on the monitor

  • The previous user did not log off of the podium computer properly and now the computer is locked

  • How do I access the Internet on my laptop

  • My DVD or VHS is not showing on the screen

  • There is no sound on the DVD or VHS

  • My laptop is not displaying on the projector screen

  • What if the wireless network is unavailable

  • I don't have any sound from my laptop

  • What am I supposed to do when I leave the room?

  • What if I cannot get the projector to turn on?

  • How do I get a key for the podium?

  • How do I turn the system on?